Find Yourself

Monday, January 26, 2009

.these days I feel alone.

.theres no one here but me.






.trapped in this insane mind of mine.

.thats races about a thousand miles.

.an hour.

.times 24.

.a day.

.thoughts of you.

.thoughts of him.

.cant decide.

.dont know where to begin.

.if I go this way.

.the decisions made.

.if I go that way.

.my world is changed.

.im told that life is just a game.

.im only a pawn.

.that I might not rise at the wake of dawn.

.that I will always be this way.

.that of which I am.

.for God made me this shade and I will never change.

.no matter the amount of money I make.

.i will always be.


.though i am destined to be more than this.

.this life.

.for I know I have the gift.

.that of light.

.to make you see.

.theres more to me.

.more to this world.

.than what we perceive.

.although not perfect.

.no where near utopic.

.we make the best of it.

.reap from it all that it owes.

.find yourself.

.we all have a place here.

.dnt go astray.

.dnt just let this go.

Constitution Date: October 2006