Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is an ode I wrote almost 3 years ago. Its an account of the relationship between a friend and I. We had an enigmatic chemistry. This is exactly how I felt when I was around him...

His face/for the first time/was strange to me/i didn't know how to picture him.../

His unsure touch/when he rubs me/its kinda like he's nervous/he just wants to get it right/the steady/repetitious/stroke of his handle/soothes me/like a baby/being hushed to sleep/it only makes me want him more/

I find myself/yearning/just to be/in his presence/

Just to feel/his manly hands/rub my back/his hands up/and down my thigh/his lips/touch my soft cheek/his warm breath/on the nape of my neck/

His hold is my escape/my haven/my only refuge/from my daily agony/

When his arms/are wrapped around me/i feel/his warm embrace/If only i could savour the moment/for it wont last/forever/its only a matter of seconds/before he pushes me away/looks me in the face/then turns/away/stands up/caresses my chin/and walks away/

Constitution Date: May 2006