Model Minorities

Friday, January 30, 2009

Today, my boss told me about the 80's term, Model Minorities & how it originated with Asians, then Caribbean Islanders in the U.S. It's basically how these groups of minorities come to America and despite their initial economic and financial mishaps, find a way to survive and take-on entrepreneurship and education like no other ethnic group could. The emigrated people of Cabo Verde also picked up this trait when they came to the land of opportunity, but

"when CV boys dropped their native tongue, and picked up the gat, sh*t went DOWN!"....said he.

Lol. What a character, he is.

Then, he flicked a

at me.

I wanted to... him.

Not because it popped me on the back of my neck, and startled the horse sh*t out of me. Of course not. But because I had the suckiest assignment today!

Well, maybe it wasn't that sucky, it could've just been because I had one of those weird headaches I get. Where I feel pressure behind my eyes, that eventually leads to a massive migraine by about 7PM.

At home, I fell alseep thinking, "I've done MRI's & all sorts of test, but still no explanation for these head-attacks I've been getting since about age 10." I've concluded that they're probably caused by the heavy thoughts I consume my mind with. I think way more than I speak.
Maybe I should cease writing and pick up motivational speaking.


Ohhhhhhh! I saw the final edits of our three TV commercials today & I heard our radio spots the other night!

(she screams with excitement)

I didn't know WHAT to do with myself...but I'll blog about it later, I'm




Oh yeah,



Simone Carlene said...
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Simone Carlene said...

I think way more than I speak too. But when I do decide to speak, ohhh boyyyy. :D You better not have anything to do for days. I don't know if I could be a motivational speaker. I'd probably say the word "like" too much and make way too many hand gestures. :/

nite girlie!

Belle to the Posh said...

Hey... Yeah I don't talk much, but when I do I'm always afraid that people immediatley start finding ways to shut me up. {scrambling for socks} Lol.

& When I talk, I look like I'm doing praise dance too ;)