Saturday, January 24, 2009

This picture of Michelle and Barack Obama was taken on May 26th, 1996 while the couple were doing an interview with Mariana Cook. Cook was compiling a project on couples in America, and the Obama's were featured.

When Mama Yayo showed me this picture on Friday morning, I was immediately taken aback. Seeing our President and the First Lady plainly sitting on their couch, almost 13 years ago, before they had children, in their Chicago home as regular BLACK Americans, took me right out of my element!

I would've gone into an episode of bawls if I didn't have to sit in front of a row a people wondering what my issue was so early in the morning, while riding the train to work.

Each and every time I see Michelle, I feel a rush of confidence. It's almost like my adrenaline starts pumping as though I were experiencing the excitement going on in her life. She exudes Encouragement. Motivation. Pride.

To see such a beautiful, unadorned, intellectual BLACK woman in a high position reminds me why the Rev. MLK fought and died for the respect of the black "race." I mean, we have our very first African American President, and no he's not married to a Caucasian women. Our President is BLACK.

The Obama's are my motivator to all young people, not just BLACK, who need to see positive role models showing that with will and perseverance, you can do and be anything you want in life.

This is my silent cheer to the Obama Family. Can you hear it?