Recess & The Recession

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I was going to wait a little while to write this entry, but today's headline jolted me back to reality, asking myself the question, "What are you waiting for? Its not about to happen, it's happening."

Remember when you were a child, and every day you would wake up and your biggest reason for not crawling into bed with your Mom and/or Pop, holding on to your tummy because you swore it would explode if you had to go to school today, was because you were looking forward to Recess?

During science, you day dreamed about kicking the ball over the fence so that the recess monitor would have to leave the school yard, march into the street to retrieve the dirty, red, bouncy ball, just so you would have 40 seconds of independence without having an adult peering over your shoulder?

Or in English, you imagined Bobby from Ms. Luck's class slipping you a note, while you played jump-rope singing, "Down by the acres, where the green grass grows, I smell Lisa pretty as a rose," that read do you like me, yes or no? Circle one.

During lunch, you hurriedly ate your fish and cheese patty and gulped down your apple juice thinking that would shorten the time until Recess.

Remember while trying not to go deaf from screams of joy and get trampled by the overly excited kids that didn't get to play outside when at home, you spot your clique and head towards them with that extra cheesy smile & sparkle in your eye?

Then the Recess monitor blows that silver whistle, attached to a WWJD chain hanging from her neck signaling the end of Recess. When you look around to make sure you weren't leaving any friends behind, all you see is yourself sitting at this desk in that purple cardigan sweater your mom bought you when you got your first job, behind a stack of paper that has been there for over a week, with that Friday morning deadline pounding its remnants into the back of your head like a hammer. Right before your brain splatters onto your desk, ruining the 1/8 of work you've gotten done so far, your boss walks in delivering your fate.

When he leaves, it's like your frozen in time. Wondering, what the hell just happened?

You think it's Recess time? You think your getting a break? Vacation? Being granted a sabbatical?

No, you've just been laid off.

Still want to try that, my tummy hurts excuse tomorrow morning?

Just when you thought you had eluded the falling economy because you could still buy those Bobbi Brown & MAC cosmetics you love so much. Not knowing that the only reason you were buying so much lately was because you could no longer afford those expensive garments you once treasured. The unconscious purpose of your make-up binge was to hide your true feelings of fret and cover up your sagging face, caused by this stress induced economy.

You are now officially inducted into the age of the Recession.

See for yourself:

Distraught Father Kills Wife, 5 Kids, Self

Goodnight bloggers, Lost is on.