The Banished Species

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes, very rarely though, I just need a hug. Not just a regular hug either. I don't want to ask my sister. Or brother. Or even my BFF. A hug given by strong arms and a warm sheltering embrace. A hug that smells of Armani. When I nestle my head into its chest, my nose is tickled by the Old Spice. When I lift my head I feel the itchy-ness of the beard with soft lips planting that adoring kiss. Just masculinity to be close to. On nights when the ghost of Beantown winter-winds are tearing at my window; your protection is all I'll need. Sometimes I'm just cold. A bigger body gives off more heat, you know.

But I can't.

Why, you ask?

Because I won't.

I choose not to.

Men/Male Species are banned from my life---- almost banished. Not forever, but for now at least. I refuse to let one get that close to me. I give em' an inch, they want to take a mile. I ask you for a hug, you wanna give me some love. Down and dirty 'tween the sheets love. Honestly, that thing down low beneath your hanes has been temporarily removed from my life. Yes, you're banished. Temporarily.

This temporary state will last as long as I deem. It's my choice, so I don't care what Maslow thinks. These are modern times and the age is different. The romanticism era is long gone & forgotten by men of today.

I need food, water, shelter, oxygen, and sleep. Yes, you say love/connection, but there's no page in text where you listed sex. Intimacy is what you said.

But has anyone's words ever reached you much farther than touch would allow you to feel? Well I've had a taste and I refuse to give up on it. It's out there, I know it. At the moment, I'm just not searching.

I'm just not interested.



Whatcha Nameis said...

-- snaps --

i love this . honestly .

Belle to the Posh said...

Awww! Thanx sweetie! Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm sorry I'm so late! I missed your comment!

& yes..."snaps the air in an s-shaped motion"