"Extra, Extra, Read All About It!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Immediately following the new year, well in "work week" terms, the excitement at work began. I missed that first day back, but upon my return, I stumbled into a completely empty office. After being asked if I was in an induced coma for the past few days, I found out that everyone, except for the Big Execs, had been laid off. So since I'm only 22 and not the Exec of anything (but my own life of course) you're wondering what the heck I was doing there right...?

Well, I didn't get the memo. Ha.

Considering we are a non-profit organization and one of our biggest ventures is funded by an outside source, if they don't fund us, we don't have a program. So guess what they decide to do on the programs launch date?

Pull funding. Yes, I said pull it, withdraw, you know fast cash.

Monday was a pretty emotional day from what I heard. Aside from the televised press conference, the mood in the office was not a happy one. As I looked through newspaper & TV-news clippings, I relived the day:

As J.P.K stood and anounced that 17 states along the East Coast from NY as far as VA were going to be left out this winter, employees stood by in disarray, as if a part of their bodies were being dismembered. T'was a sight to see.

So, as I sit in front of the 15" plasma (I actually had work to do) wondering when someone would ease my discomfort and serve me my fate, J.P.K walks in (mind you he SELDOM retreats to this end of the office) face flushed as if he'd just been sprayed with liquid pink blush, announcing that our source was going to fund us after all. The program was back on!

There he goes, throwing around that last name. How he got them to sign back on, only God he knows.

So the commotion began and a reporter from every news station in the city was there on that Wedenesday after-noon. Or maybe it was before, I can no longer recall.

We all lined up in front of the conference room watching J.P.K and the President of our source tell the media that the program would run after all. Low-income families once again have hope in surviving the winter cold.

When asked why I wasn't front and center, before the cameras, in the limelight, beaming my wide-mouthed, chinky-eyed smile, I replied,"Do you see me? My attire and hair are not suitable for front page press!" In return, I received a chuckle and a shake of the head.

I mean, I didn't look that bad in my grey slacks, peach-ish pink-ish half turtle neck, buttoned in the back above a flattering peekhole, schrunched down the sides, fitted top. The died jet black tresses on my scalp were parted down the middle and pulled to one side, exposing my wide Pacific Islander shaped face. But Mama Yayo always taught us not to ever leave the house looking anything less than presentable, because "you never know who you're going to meet."

Well yeah, I guess she was preparing me for my life. Literally.

Either way, that definitely wasn't going to be one of the first times I, Belle Posh was going to be seen on TV.

Yeah, right guys.