I Am The Dream. You Are The Dreamer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am given the strength to achieve the things I aspire. One day I will be released from my nocturnal slumber. From this nocturnal bed of roses. For I am destined to live in the day, not just in my dreams.

On the journey of the dream manifested.

No dried up raisins ova hea'

...do the stanky leg...

& shake that woop do dee dupe...



Truth Speaks said...

hmmm.. this is interesting. I like it because it speaks to the masses. You have to live out your dreams. ::not simply dreaming how you will live.

Phella said...

Preciate the kind sentiments on my blog. And although Stanky Leg overall is a lyrical masterpiece, I find the "Woop do dee dupe" part to be the catchiest!

Belle to the Posh said...
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Belle to the Posh said...

~Truth Speaks~

Exactly. The point was to put YOU (the reader) in that mindframe.

It's almost like a chant. Lol.



You're Great!

Love the humor.

You definitely own my laugh of the day.

((sticks right leg out & rotates, inward motion, of course))