Monday, March 30, 2009

Mama Yayo says my middle name was supposed to be Felicia. If she wasn’t so exhausted after pushing my big head out, it might’ve turned out that way. Instead it was left up to my dad, who I inherited this massive dome from. Do you agree when I say it was a conspiracy?

Opal is the name I was given. Yes. Opal. Like the birth stone. & no not mine. Opal. Like the erratic redhead from All My Children. & no he wasn’t a fan. His youngest sister is actually named Hope Lynn, maybe he saw a resemblance? Wrong again.

Thank goodness for the first name I’ve been hiding it with all these years. I even told other kids it was Felicia, & when they asked why there was an “O” on my lunch card, I replied, “those idi-boos made a mistake.”

Anyway, life happens as it does, so it can happen as it should. Or something of the sort. I first heard that from Justin on Baldwin Hills. Then from his new beau Aysia on her blog. The statement holds much truth. Quotable. I wonder who’s to credit.

A link from the event I did about two weeks ago. It was my first time seeing it go down from beginning to end. Went swell, served its purpose. As long as the media shows up, they’re happy.

A few things to write about, just haven’t pieced them together. My mind doesn’t ever stop swirling.

I signed on to AIM today which is an extremely rare occasion for me. Someone’s away message read:

“The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be
when you kill them”


Ooo. AIM World.

BellePosh. Catch me if you can.