Red Hot Summer

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ever blazing, ever changing, is the state of a red hot summer.

Fire hydrants come alive, when and wherever temperatures rise. Street floods all caused by a red hot summer.

Muggy, sticky-icky humid nights…then retreats to a third shower. All remnants of a red hot summer.

Walks in the dark, talks in the park, nights on the roof. All explored due to the heat of a red hot summer.

MDC pool all-days and sweaty basketball shorts are the stories of a red hot summer.

Grape popsicles, banana boats, and cookie dough filled ice cream cones. Send your thank you’s to the red hot summer.

This is the account of a red hot summer.

Waiting impatiently.

Anticipating, your arrival.
.rain, rain, go away.

.i wanna get dressed.



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