Crippled. Part II.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I’m taking my love back. I knew I shouldn’t have given it away in the first place. Should’ve followed my dome. Instead of my heart that yearning to fill the void. It’s been three years since I’ve had one. A real one. And I swear I can take on another 10. It’s easier this way. Alone. Easier to live life. My life. For now. Consumed with work and school. I mean school and work. Easier not to need. Or give a shit. Damn. Or FCUK.

Digression: Profanity. I’m becoming a bit more comfortable with it. A censored version at least. As a child, I was always offended when people swore. It’s not that serious. I would think. But Mama says express yourself. That I shall do.

It’s important to stay focused. On everything I will achieve. Distractions are beneath me. And if I succumb to love, intimacy, and the art of being comfortable with goodmorning, how’d you sleep, have a good day, how’s your day going, talk to you when you get home, how was your day, I’ll call you in a sec, I went riding in the desert today, goodnight, sleep good, I’ll talk to you in the morning - I’ll forget about me again. And everything I will achieve.

Don’t ever settle for less I told her. You sell yourself short in the end. Losing your balance? It happens. Now get back on track. Don’t solely depend on another human being for anything you can give yourself. Make sure your life is aligned. So when the next loser comes around to knock you down, you’re only temporarily handicapped. It’s not a permanent state.

Practice what you preach.



Anonymous said...

This is as moving as that chick's video you posted a couple months back. It's very empowering as a woman to read this because it makes you see how important 'love of self' is. Because we must first love ourself unconditionally before anyone else can.


Belle to the Posh said...


That's is the exact message I was trying to convey! No one will truly love you, if they see you aren't strong enough to first love yourself. Lack of self-love only leaves you as the predators prey.