A Star Is Born

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If you haven't noticed, I LOVE MUSIC. Hence, why I always have a song blaring when you visit my page.

Music Is Life. The Soundtrack of My Life.

I am inspired by "A tight verse, over the perfect beat."

Always eager to find thought-provoking, noteworthy, and innovative artist, I stumble upon the up & coming, J. COLE. I am a stan of true Lyricists, and Jermaine Cole is a lyrical genius. He's the best I've heard since Lupe in a while and I am SURE he's going to make his mark. His style and thought process are refreshing, as we all need a little cool breeze every now & then.

A reminder as to why and how the culture of Hip Hop exists.

"...don't worry I'm just venting, the late night thoughts of a ni**a on a mission, and rock my girl to sleep in missionary position, tuck her ass in and then I went and grab pen and there you have it, words flowing like magic..."

He's the guy flowing on my page. Check on him here and here. I like him here too.