Thursday, December 10, 2009

His eyes.

They speak.

To me.

As did the eyes of all the others. Although, it’s different this time.

Unfounded mystery.

Venomous desire.

It hurts to want him.

Excruciating to need him.

Yet I’m a magnet to his malignant being.

His existence puzzles me.

Why was he given to me?

Like a gift, never meant to be unwrapped.

Pandora’s Box. A trophy. To be seen and cherished, but faintly touched.

Enchantment explores my mind, at the slightest sound of his voice.

Anticipation takes over my body, by the feeble touch of his handle.

When the wind blows I find myself yearning, for a whiff of his breath.

My senses go on a frenzy, I smell him, as if he were standing right in front of me.

Inexplicable beauty.


Or blue.

Or grey.

Or yellow.

Can’t decide.

Like a mood ring without meaning.

Can never tell the outcome of the day.


Like the Virgo within, he changes.

Stones that change shade dependent upon an emotion.

Yet not cold.

Never black.

Stressed. Tense. Or Upset.

…as his actions would lead you to believe.

His ogle never speaks of such frigid sentiment.

Only of fervor and immense libido.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes the work is so profound, that saying too much would completely ruin the feeling that it gives you right after you read it. I feel like it speaks to my heart, not my mind. So I can't even make sense of my thoughts~~ lol Make sense?
Simply put .I love it.

<3 KNW

Belle to the Posh said...

Aww! Makes perfect sense!

I love that it speaks to your heart. The extraction of emotion is what I'm aiming for. Yaay!